PWS provides a range of 37 investment portfolios which have been designed to meet your client’s assessed attitude to risk and investment objectives, whilst also providing a range of investment approaches including active, passive, alternative investment and absolute return.

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Our Approach

Our approach is designed to provide investors with an excellent value for money proposition, whilst allowing Financial Advisers to focus on financial planning, for the benefit of their clients. Being designed by IFAs, the approach to establishing an investment portfolio is straightforward and aligned to typical investment advice approaches used by Financial Advisers.

Benefits to Investors

  • Appeals to the majority of investors.

  • Investment aligned with risk controls.

  • Ideal for target based outcomes.

  • Meet the managers live, locally.

  • Online valuations available.

  • Monthly Investment market commentary.

  • Efficient administration.

  • Encourages investing for the longer term.

Benefits to Advisers

  • Due diligence supplied by Pennine Wealth Solutions.

  • Investment Committee oversight.

  • Local training events.

  • Active and passive portfolios.

  • Sustainable portfolios.

  • Inflation plus choices.

  • Track record over 10 years.*

  • Choice of investment styles.

  • Small but dedicated support team.

*Growth and Income portfolios only.

PWS investment Seminars

Every 13 weeks, PWS holds an investments seminar at different venues around the North West.  Our Portfolio Managers provide technical training to IFAs, followed by an investor’s presentation. IFA are encouraged to invite their clients to hear from the people who manage their money.

These seminars are very interactive and regularly attract over 120 attendees.

For more information about our seminars or to book your place, please have a look at our events page.

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