We believe in keeping costs and charges to a minimum ensuring that investors receive value for money. We also believe in transparency; everyone should have a clear understanding of what they are paying for and what service they are receiving in return.

Clear Communication

We believe that clear, relevant and accessible communication is an imperative service requirement.

Our managers present every three months to clients. These free of charge seminars, held in the early evening in the North of England, have already attracted over 100 clients per event.

We provide investors with real time online valuations and information about their investments.

We provide access to regular investment commentaries from our Fund Manager(s) and monthly factsheets providing a breakdown of portfolio investments.


We offer investors a choice of 37 investment portfolios and the investment strategies and styles of three different Fund Managers. We also have the ability to change or add different Fund Managers in the future, to enhance the range of solutions we can offer investors.


We believe it is essential that portfolios are managed in line with investor’s risk expectations. We set Fund Managers clear objectives for each portfolio and we regularly monitor them to ensure that the investment returns are achievable, at a level of risk investors are comfortable with.

Preservation of Capital

Whilst we do not offer guarantees on our investment solutions, we believe every Fund Manager’s primary goal should be the preservation of investors’ capital.

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