Due Diligence Carried out on Portfolios

The Pennine Wealth Solutions (PWS) portfolios are all designed on a risk rated, volatility controlled basis. The range of portfolios offers a wide spectrum of investment options, including growth, income, passive and sustainability strategies.Once a portfolio is created, that is not the end of the journey. The PWS due diligence process means that our investment committee, our portfolio managers, and our research partners review the portfolios on a prescribed timescale. A strategic review is undertaken on a yearly basis, a tactical review happens every quarter.

Additionally on a quarterly basis, all portfolios are reviewed by the PWS investment committee, with reports and presentations by the portfolio managers to ascertain that the portfolios are in line with their mandates and to highlight any potential areas of concern.

The portfolio managers will conduct interviews with the underlying fund managers over the year, whilst attending presentations by the fund managers the portfolios invest in to gain insight as to the potential returns of the funds, and to ask questions directly to the people managing the money.

This element of due diligence ensures that there is a deep understanding of the performance and objectives of the portfolios and creates an adaptive approach to managing investors’ money. Advisers will benefit from this ensuring there is robust reporting process and timely communications to discuss with their clients. This can also have an impact on an advisers business as by documenting and demonstrating the underlying investment strategy, it can help an adviser show the regulator that due care and attention has been given to the investment process for their clients.

To further enhance the ability to truly understand what is happening within the portfolios, PWS conducts an annual due diligence visit with each of the underlying portfolio managers where we look at the firms operating procedures, gathering evidence on such aspects as corporate structure, training and competence regimes, complaints and procedures, and systems and controls.

As this due diligence is on ongoing process, it ensures that the portfolios remain relevant and the process is a fluid one, rather than just looking at the portfolios and performance once a year.

Pennine Wealth Solutions LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is for professional investors only.  These investments are only accessed via accredited Financial Advisers.

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