Do Ethical & Sustainable Funds make a difference?

It’s correct to say that some ethical and sustainable funds fail to live up to the marketing. Claiming to invest positively, when in reality, little of the fund is invested that way.  However, there are many good funds that truly invest in solutions to social and environmental challenges. For example climate change, pressure on resources and an ageing population.

The Challenge

Given the size of these challenges, there is a real need for investment at a corresponding scale.  Investments in healthcare solutions, renewable energy infrastructure, resource efficiency and social housing make a very real difference.

Indeed, the best funds report on their impacts, so an investor can quantify the real-life impacts that their money is enabling. For example, fund manager WHEB offers a tool that shows how many tonnes of carbon an investment helps to avoid, as well as the volume of resources recycled and clean water provided.

ethical funds

It could be argued that much of this would happen anyway as shares are traded, with buyers and sellers, but there are new issues, rights issues and placings that raise new capital.  Healthy demand for shares also contributes to the success of these companies. Over time, these capital flows help to change the economy to a more sustainable future.

Many of the fund managers also engage with the companies in which they invest. Through company meetings, fund managers encourage companies to adopt better standards of sustainability.  This can have profound impacts. For instance, retail companies have been helped to improve their supply chains in human rights terms.

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