Sustainable Investments

There’s no doubt that positive investing introduces an extra layer of complexity with sustainable investments.

There are several different approaches and it can be very time consuming to fully research the alternatives, since specialist knowledge is required.

However, Pennine Wealth Solutions launched the Positive Pennine Portfolios to provide an effective solution for non-specialist advisers, since they make it easy to offer this type of investment for clients.  Detailed research is undertaken by 3D Investing to ensure that funds really do deliver a positive impact, whilst Smart IM take responsibility for meeting the financial objectives.

Pennine Wealth Solutions also offer training to help non-specialist advisers enter this market.  This makes it a practical and cost effective solution, even if the level of client interest were low, which surveys* show is unlikely to be the case. For more information about the survey and to see the results please click here.

Sustainable Investing

*Survey of over 160 investors carried out by PWS in Sept 2017.

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