How does a local investment firm have over £134 million in investments in its first seven years, be recognised by the UK’s leading consumer website for sustainable investing, and be shortlisted for two categories at the 2018 BIBA Awards?

Investment Firm Pennine Wealth Solutions (PWS) do this by taking advantage of being local. Our head office is in Chorley, where as traditionally, investment managers are based in London and Edinburgh.

We take pride in being able to offer investors the opportunity to attend quarterly investment seminars. They get to meet face to face and question the portfolio managers who look after their investments.  These seminars take place at different locations throughout the North West every 13 weeks and attract over 100 attendees to each seminar. The number of people we have attending the seminars shows how valuable they are to the investors and the team at PWS.

One range of portfolios that PWS launched in 2016 focuses on positive investing. Do Good, Avoid Bad, Make Money.

In April 2018, PWS was awarded the Good Egg Mark from Good with Money. Good With Money is the UK’s first responsible finance website providing consumers with information about sustainable financial products. Over the past 18 months, PWS has been working hard to educate financial advisers about the benefits and opportunities of sustainable investing. Having this mark will reassure financial advisers of the lengths we have gone to, to provide positive investments solutions for their clients.

This year PWS entered the BIBAS for the first time, and we are delighted to have been shortlisted as finalists for two categories, Professional Service Business of the year and Micro Business of the year.

We feel that all PWS has to offer to an investor and the recognition we have gained this year, just goes to show that you can compete against the big investments house based in the cities, and that being local to your investors can only be a good thing.

Please note that Pennine Wealth Solutions is only accessible via your Financial Adviser. If you would like more information, please call 0844 770 7721 or contact Sean Fisher on 07583 241668 or e-mail