John Husselbee
John Husselbee

John Husselbee

Head of Multi-Asset – Liontrust Ltd

John Husselbee is one of the most high-profile and experienced multi-asset managers in the UK, having successfully navigated various economic and market cycles since entering the investment industry in the 1980s. These include extended bull markets, the bursting of the TMT bubble, the Asian financial crisis, the credit crunch, the rising markets of the Quantitative Easing period and the Covid-19 pandemic. This experience enables John and his team to identify and separate investment innovations from fads, evaluate the motivations of fund managers and detect any changes in their commitment.

John started running money for Pennine Wealth Solutions in 2011. A regular contributor to our Pennine Wealth Seminars, John is one of a rare breed of London-based investment managers committed to travelling outside the capital to meet and interact with investors on a face-to-face basis. John’s presentations have attracted a growing audience of investors who attend his unique updates.

He launched the portfolio management service at Rothschild Asset Management, was Director of Multi-Manager at Henderson Global Investors, where he was responsible for portfolio construction and fund selection of a range of portfolios, and founded North Investment Partners in 2005. John joined Liontrust in 2013 as Head of Multi-Asset.

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