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Resources and Education

To provide the IFA with information and support about sustainable and responsible investing. PWS have created a suite of resources for the IFA to use as follows:

Positive Pennine


PWS have created an educational website dedicated to sustainable and responsible investing. The website is aimed at investors, IFAs are welcome to use this website as information when discussing these investments with their clients. Visit Positive Pennine Website.


Download the latest edition of the Positive Pennine Brochure. Download brochure here

Video Library

The team at PWS have made a series of videos to explain the terminology used in sustainable and responsible investing. View video library


Pennine Wealth Solutions have created a survey for IFA’s to use with there clients to gauge their desire to invest sustainably. The survey consists of a covering letter and the survey itself. Please feel free to use this survey with your clients. Download covering letter | Download survey.

If you need further assistance to how this can be beneficial, please contact Sean Fisher.

Investment Seminars

Every 13 weeks, PWS holds an investments seminar at different venues around the North West. Our Portfolio Managers provide technical training to IFAs, followed by an investor’s presentation. IFA are encouraged to invite their clients to hear from the people who manage their money.

These seminars are very interactive and regularly attract over 120 attendees.

For more information about our seminars or to book your place, please have a look at our events page.


PWS run regular training for IFA with updates to gain confidence in advising in this area. Please click through to our events page to see what training is currently running.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many FAQ that IFAs have asked about these types of investments. Have a read through the questions and answers.

What benefits would I gain from using a Model Portfolio Service provider (MPS) for the extra costs?2021-01-12T11:27:31+00:00

What benefits would I gain from using a Model Portfolio Service provider (MPS) for the extra costs?

Clearly there is a cost associated with using a Model Portfolio Service provider (MPS).  However this should be balanced against the time, effort and cost of managing investments yourself.


Do Ethical & Sustainable Funds make a difference?2019-03-27T09:41:14+00:00

Do Ethical & Sustainable Funds make a difference?

It’s correct to say that some ethical and sustainable funds fail to live up to the marketing. Claiming to invest positively, when in reality, little of the fund is invested that way.  However, there are many good funds that truly invest in solutions to social and environmental challenges. For example climate change, pressure on resources and an ageing population.


Ethical Funds | Aren’t these kind of investments for environmentalists?2021-09-08T12:10:16+01:00

Ethical Funds | Aren’t these kind of investments for environmentalists?

Ethical funds were traditionally seen as the preserve of the environmental enthusiast.  In fact, one of the founders of the first ethical fund in the UK, tells a story of people telling him that the fund should be called the Brazil fund because it was nuts!


I Like to pick my own funds, how would I benefit from using Pennine Wealth Solutions?2018-11-26T11:07:30+00:00

I like to pick my own funds, how would I benefit from using Pennine Wealth Solutions?

This is a highly specialist market which requires specialist knowledge.  Constructing a multi-asset portfolio that also makes a demonstrable positive impact isn’t easy and is likely to prove very time-consuming.

Positive Investments | Better to get as much return as you can & do good with the profits?2018-10-25T13:55:38+01:00

Positive Investments | Isn’t it better to get as much return as possible & do good with the profits?

Some people believe that it’s better to maximise returns, arguing that you can then give more to charities.  There are a number of reasons why this dose not stand up.

Sustainable Investments | Does it take a lot of time and resources for research?2018-09-26T09:51:56+01:00

Sustainable Investments

There’s no doubt that positive investing introduces an extra layer of complexity with sustainable investments.

What if I am comfortable with my existing advice process , why do I need to consider alternatives?2018-08-15T10:06:07+01:00

There is a disturbing disconnect between advisers and investors on sustainable investing.  According to Morgan Stanley, over two thirds of investors have an interest in sustainable investing, whilst Cerulli Associates reported adviser interest at half this level. (more…)

By their very nature, are the investment vehicles in this area very illiquid and high risk?2018-07-18T10:29:06+01:00

In fact, the majority of funds are open ended with daily trading, and have a high level of liquidity. There are some investment companies that hold less liquid assets such as infrastructure and real estate, but even these are traded on the main market of the London Stock Exchange.

There is a very small Universe of funds in this space, so it doesn’t make financial sense?2018-06-20T08:10:05+01:00

It’s certainly the case that ethical and sustainable funds comprise a small proportion of the whole marketplace, but this marketplace is very big.  There are around 220 funds monitored by 3D Investing which are registered for sale in the UK and have an ethical or sustainable mandate.

I have asked in the past and my clients aren’t interested?2018-05-14T13:25:27+01:00

All the research shows that investors are interested in positive investing, but how advisers ask the question is important.  PWS can supply advisers with a survey that helps to uncover what clients really think about positive investing.   (more…)

What is positive investing and why should I consider it for my client?2018-03-21T17:55:10+00:00

Positive Investing involves using your money to make a positive social or environmental impact. It is still an investment, and as such, the aim is to deliver a competitive financial return whilst also generating positive benefits for the wider community or the environment. Typical positive investments might include social housing, energy efficiency, sustainable transport or healthcare. (more…)

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