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Doing good is not a millenial issue, it is an everyone issue

We launched the 7 Positive Pennine Portfolios in August 2016. My professional background indicated the time was right, my trusted advisers agreed, but what would the investors think.?

The portfolios took many months to put together. It was all about the quality/integrity of underlying asset, blended with highly skilled asset allocation techniques. Our investment manager had to work to volatility and risk controls.

Education and training for Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) came next. Followed quickly by investor research. IFAs have such a huge role and responsibility. Now we are in lockdown with the Coronavirus, even the slow adaptors, are getting the picture.

Invested assets are growing. We have accepted c.400 account openings to date.
The older investor is just as passionate as the younger ones. Doing good is not a millennial issue, it is an everyone issue.

We have presented many times to large audiences of investors. Utilising leading expertise: John Fleetwood, who creates our fund universe. George Latham of WHEB, and David Connor of 2030 HUB. Thousands of North West Investors are now getting the message.

Good Investment Review

Pennine Wealth Solutions are Discretionary Fund Managers. Since our launch in 2011, we have always considered ourselves a *Firm of Endearment. Yes, you read that correctly. We knew what we were. We just hadn’t got a name for it. Fortunately, a book, with that very title, was published. A firm of endearment endears itself to its stakeholders, by bringing the interests, of all stakeholder groups into strategic alignment. No group: clients, employees, suppliers, business partners, shareholders, society, wins at the expense of the others.

John Fleetwood’s thought piece at the beginning of this investment guide, brings this thinking into our new 2020 post Coronavirus world. I believe that society’s  discovery, that we are all connected as a part of a bigger community, will accelerate the need for pensions, ISAs, investments, that do good and avoid harm.

Infact I would go further, and predict that the majority of investments In the future will be impact and ESG. Many have regarded capitalism as an economic concept without a soul. Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize – winning economist, in 1970 laid out the foundation for shareholder primacy.  However, 200 years earlier, the father of capitalism, Scottish economist and philosopher Adam Smith wrote in “The Wealth of Nations” that the interest of the company should always be secondary to that of the consumer.

The Coronavirus Crisis makes our future investment decisions, blindingly obvious. We must all invest for a peaceful, healthy, caring, and sustainable world.


In some minds, a potential drawback of investing for GOOD, is the belief that investment performance can’t be as attractive. **Various historical studies in many markets have disproved this theory. More recently, many observers have commented that ESG investments have fallen less during the pandemic.

The Janus Henderson Global Sustainable Equity Acc Fund fell 16.10% between 24th February – 27th March 2020. Sector average fell 17.41%.

Kames Ethical Corporate Bond B Acc Fund fell 7.26% over the same period. Sector average fell 8.26%.

Liontrust Sustainable Future Global Growth 2 Acc Fund fell 16.13% over the same dates.

Sector average fell 17.41%.

Over the same period the FTSE 100 fell 25.58%

We can’t make general inferences from just 3 examples. But investment industry opinion is starting to shift. Are firms with good corporate governance, ethical practices inside the firm, and sustainable environmental controls, better investment propositions?

I mentioned asset allocation and control of volatility earlier on. This is the reduction of risk by spreading our client’s investments across several asset classes. We measure risk on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is extremely low risk (cash) and 10 is very high risk. (100% equities).

In the low/medium risk category is Positive Pennine Portfolio 4. At the end of February 2020, its asset allocation was Global Equity 27%, Corporate Bonds 33%, Absolute Return/Hedge 19%, Property 8%, and Cash or Equivalent 13%. The effect of this spread is to preserve more of the client’s capital in a market downturn.

All our investment managers believe you make money by not losing it. Sounds boring, but boring can be quite rewarding in the world of investment returns. During the huge fall in stockmarkets from Feb 24th to March 27th the Positive Pennine Portfolio 4 fell by just 9.07%.

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Additional Information:-

Later this year the Positive Pennine Brand are the Lead Sponsor for the Lancashire Business View sub 36 Business Awards.

We have linked, by percentage of our firm’s turnover, a monthly support payment to Brian House Children’s Hospice, on the Fylde coast.

We are joint sponsors of the 2020 Lancashire “Last Choir Singing” Competition. For all junior schools in the county. This is our 6th year supporting this event.

Achieved the Good Egg Award from consumer website Good With Money 2018-19, 19-20.


*Firms of Endearment: How world class companies profit from passion and purpose. By Rajendra Sisodia (Pearson FT Press, 2015).

**Does socially responsible investing hurt investment returns? (RBC Global Asset Management, 2012)

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