The next issue of the Good Investment Review which is published injunction with 3D Investing and the people at Good with Money  is now available to download.

This latest issue of the review focuses on climate change investing and includes details of new funds, changes in ratings, performance comparisons and articles from fund managers.

Pennine Wealth Solutions are proud to be sponsors of the Good Investment Review, and have written the following article as part of the review.

Building up a Storm

Twenty years ago Riverdance took the entertainment world by storm. In 2020 a new dance show is aiming to wow UK audiences. EMERALD STORM will tour from July through to late autumn, including a spell in the West End. So what, you might say.

EMERALD STORM is an Irish Dance show, developed for modern times. Created by Slamdunk Entertainments and Promoted by The Strictly Theatre Company it will entertain tens of thousands. The shows background theme is CLIMATE CHANGE

The POSITIVE PENNINE PORTFOLIOS created by discretionary fund managers Pennine Wealth Solutions (PWS) are to sponsor this new theatre show. Marketing Manager at PWS Jayne Raven says “ I saw the first run of EMERALD STORM at my local theatre, I loved it, all the audience loved it. To spread the word of positive investing via sponsorship in this way is very exciting. A marketing managers dream.”

Good Investment Review

Now with a 3 year track record, the POSITIVE PENNINE portfolios are attracting many hundreds of new investors. So what is the integrity of their offering.?

John Fleetwood the creator of the GOOD INVESTMENT GUIDE prepares the universe of investments that POSITIVE PENNINE utilise. “It doesn’t get any better than this” says Helen Lupton, Compliance Partner for PWS. “John Fleetwood, the original founder and chair of the Ethical Investment Association is steeped in knowledge within this discipline.”

So how can POSITIVE PENNINE demonstrate the portfolios performance? Sean Fisher, Business Development Manager explains. “From the beginning, we realised investors need 2 sets of data. In addition to the usual financial figures we have added a guide to the ESG and Impact each portfolio has. We find with our investors it’s not just one but both sets of data, that are critical. This chart shows the sort of information we provide.”

Good Investment Review

Quarterly, adviser and their client investment seminars have been run by PWS for 8 years now. Each year 400 attendees listen to how their money is being managed. “The audience is being attracted in from a huge area, “says Sean. “The investor can look into the whites of the eyes of their manager, and ask any questions they like. It keeps our investment managers on their toes. These events are hugely popular.” “As a DFM we become very close to our ultimate clients in terms of understanding their views and thoughts.”

Good Investment Review

“We qualified for our GOOD EGG AWARD back in 2017” says Jayne Raven. “We felt it was important to be judged by an external body and receive external accreditation. Many of our supporting Independent Financial Advisers and Investors want to understand what this accreditation means, and who are the awarding body. Since the award, our Positive Pennine Portfolios have grown assets under management by three times. We have to thank GOOD WITH MONEY for encouraging the right qualities within investment firms.”

Good Egg

Pennine Wealth Solutions are also very active in their local area in giving back to the community from which they get their support. They have been joint founder sponsors, for the past 5 years, of the Lancashire Last Choir Singing competition. Each year this event for Junior School children has attracted 60-75 choirs. Heats and a final around the county have attracted over 10,000 children and been watched by many more parents.“We have definitely done our bit” says Jayne. However, more is to come?

Good Investment Review

“In October 2019 we are announcing our financial support for Brian House,” says Jayne. “This children’s hospice, located on the Fylde coast, has stirred our hearts. We have created a formula to link our investment turnover to a monthly payment to Brian House. We anticipate an increasing turnover will give increasing contributions. We hope this can help the hospice for many years to come.”

If you find our article interesting and would like read more of the Good Investment Review, you can download the full document here

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