The Positive Pennine portfolios launched in August 2016 and have recently reached a milestone of not only turning five but having £30 million of investment under management. We think that is something to celebrate! Why I hear you ask.

Positive Pennine are investment portfolios that have been designed using a wide variety of investments that make a social or environmental difference whilst avoiding certain areas such as fossil fuels, tropical deforestation and mining, to name but a few.

Over the past five years, there has been more and more talk about climate change and the damage to our planet. You only have to watch the news or pick up a paper to see the evidence. So, to see investors requesting that their pensions and investments are doing good in the world and avoiding harm can only be a good thing and something to celebrate!

It was also recently reported that socially responsible investing is predicted to double in 2021. Nine out of 10 investors are beginning to move their capital into ‘greener’ investments in response to the threat of climate change (Unbiased April 2021). *

With this in mind, it’s important that Financial Advisers understand and are able to offer sustainable and responsible investment solutions to their clients.

Here at Positive Pennine we have been working with Financial Advisers over the last five years and continue to do so by providing education on the importance of sustainable and responsible investing.

Time is taken to explain the terminology used in this area, such as ethical, impact and ESG and so on. Advisers are provided with detailed information on what research was used to construct the Positive Pennine portfolios, how the portfolios are continually reviewed and their performance.

Positive Pennine are proud of what we have achieved in the past five years, and we will continue with our mission to provide investment solutions that are doing good, avoiding harm while making money for investors.

So, as the headline says, there are definitely 30 Million reasons to celebrate!

Positive Pennine

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